3-5 Celebration of Knowledge

If you are wondering what your kiddo is learning, you’ve landed on the right spot! We are already closing in on January and your little learners have so much to celebrate. Technology skills are embedded within literacy, mathematics, as well as, our school wide H.O.P.E. (honesty, optimism, perseverance, Emmanual) theme. Our students will inherit a world that is digitally more developed than the one we live today. To prepare our students to learn the skills that will support them with navigating the unknown, technology class focuses on a large range of skills they will require moving forward in school—and in life.  Each grade level builds on the next and as students progress through grade levels—so do the skills. Technology focuses on technological skills such as basic operations, word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia and presentation tools, keyboarding, research and information, and digital citizenship, but technology also focuses on discovering passions, collaboration and communication, social and emotional health, as well as developing the tools to think critically. Skills introduced and taught are purposeful and are chosen with intent that aligns to the Dioceses of Rochester adaption of the International Standards for Technology in Education (ISTE), and New York State Common Core Standards K-12.

Once technology skills are taught, students have time to “tinker”, or practice. You are strongly encouraged to enter your child’s Google Classroom to look at specific learning assignments. There’s a tutorial on now to login to Google Classroom for your child’s class on the “Google Classroom Info” tab on my classroom page, but I recommend asking your child to login and show you around. They love to demonstrate their Google Classroom skills!

Here is an at a glance for what grade levels 3-5  have accomplished during the first half of the year: